1. Start the list!

Begin really early on in your wedding planning to think about music. There is so much good music out there where do you even start to choose the special ones for your ceremony!
The 100’s of songs in my playlists will help you get started. Make a long list of all the music you think you might like to include in your ceremony and over time then you can narrow it down to your absolute favourites. This really does make the process so much easier and really enjoyable.
When you have chosen some I can also guide you on where best to place then in the ceremony.
Once you have decided that violin music is going to play a part on your wedding day, book early to avoid disappointment so you can relax and enjoy the music planning.

2. Is the free drinks reception music the best choice?

Some venues offer drinks reception music as part of a package but it’s worth considering just how important this part of the day really is, especially for your guests, so you may prefer to personalise the entertainment. Music makes memories.

3. Leave your guests in good hands

Family members and your closest friends will share this space for up to 2 hours, a significant portion of the day, so it merits the provision of some seriously good quality music entertainment. I play a broad range of styles making sure there is something that everyone will enjoy.
When you come back to your guests after the photos you will find everyone upbeat having been well entertained while nibbling and chatting.
I’m acutely aware of the volume and set it comfortably every time according to the room and group size.

4. Music during dinner

If you have chosen to have some beautiful violin music for this most important day in your lives it’s only fitting that you would get to hear more of the music yourselves.
I create different playlists for drinks reception and for during dinner and I guarantee my music will be the perfect backdrop.